Top 5 Fall Sales!!

Everybody loves a good deal and this fall there are quite a few of them! I am going to share my top five favorite fall sales to help you shop for Christmas, or maybe even spend some of that holiday cash afterwards!

1.) Black Friday 

I know I know, so obvious, but I couldn’t not share it! Black Friday sales are the Friday following Thanksgiving. The sale includes a variety of stores in the mall, some outside stores such as Walmart, and Best Buy, and even home furniture stores! This is the biggest sale of the season (why it’s number one) and you don’t want to miss it! Go grab a newspaper Thanksgiving day and raid it for all of the coupons you can find! You’ll see all the sales in your area, and here’s a hint…..most sales actually start before midnight now. Shhh, don’t tell! Walmart has begun opening its doors extra early now for those shoppers who just can’t wait (like me)!

2.) Cyber Monday

img_3402My all time favorite thing to do is to online shop!  Most people don’t know this, but every Monday following Black Friday many clothing stores, boutiques, and even some of the same stores that participated in Black Friday will have online only deals! This is great if you have small children and can’t make it out on Black Friday, or you just don’t feel like dealing with the crowd. Sit back, enjoy your coffee by the fire, lounge in your pajamas and shop to your hearts desire!

3.) Bath and Body Works

Bath and Body Works has a semi-annual sale that is held in June and January every year for about a week. They offer tones of discounts (some which steepen towards the last few days of the sale) especially on fragrances being discontinued. This sale is perfect to stock up on your favorite holiday scents so you can sneak in that Cinnamon smell or Pumpkin smell year round if you like!

4.) Victoria’s Secret 

Victoria’s Secret also has a semi-annual sale in June and December/January (varies yearly). This sale is a must have!!!!! The best part? The sale lasts from three-four weeks….but inventory is limited!  Further within the weeks prices will drop to as low as 75% off! So now you can shop there without spending over $100 on a bra!

5.) Airline Tickets 

img_3401Traveling during the fall is very common, but so are discounts! Don’t book a flight without; signing up for the airline’s email offers, googling coupon codes, and even looking into airline discounts via car rental company’s. Some fares during the fall drop below $100! You don’t want to miss it.

*These pictures are not my own. These pictures are free downloadable pictures from a safe website*

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