Why it is okay to take a break from social media: even for new bloggers!

Hello again,

I am so glad to be back again after my much needed break from Social Media! I’m sure you are all wondering what prompted this so called “break”…..So, I am going to let you know all about it!

Social media gets to the best of us. As humans we tend to be consumed by what it has to offer, and there are times when that can become a toxic thing in your life. I know for me, one of the aspects of social media that consumed me was comparison. We all do it, (don’t try to deny it), but it can really begin to hinder your spirit. As a new blogger I struggled, and still struggle, with being accepted. I really wanted my blog to be so perfect and I wanted everyone to like it, I wanted my Instagram feed to be perfect… it perfect? Do people like it? Is it good enough? Should I be more like them? I began to question myself. Taking a break from social media made me realize that what makes my blog unique is me. It’s my pictures, my perspective on life, and nobody else can take that away! The break allowed me to see everything clearly, because I didn’t have other things blocking my vision.

Other than just wanting my blog to be accepted, I struggled with content.  I was happy with what I was putting out, because I worked hard on it, but I was constantly wondering what more can I do? How can I better my blog? Which, is not a bad thing by any means! So, this social media break was an amazing mind cleanser and helped me really think about how I can better my blog, my goals, and where I want to go from there. You know when you go away to a camp, or a trip, or just any place without cellphone service (whether you were forced to go or accidentally stumbled upon this) for more then a day and then afterwards you feel like you didn’t even need your phone…. You feel like you really got to see what was right in front of you, and you enjoyed life and took a step back from things that don’t matter? That’s how this break felt, and still feels!

You know, I have seen this post written many times….but none that say anything about even a new blogger taking a break. I think everyone should take a social media break if they feel down, or feel the need to compare, or are just in a schlump. Take the time to figure out if your blog, or your book, or any project you are doing is worth it. If after the break you come back refreshed and ready to jump back in and you’re excited, then you just bettered yourself! And if the break made you realize that you would like to explore other paths, then go for it! Be your own boss, and strive to thrive!

4 thoughts on “Why it is okay to take a break from social media: even for new bloggers!

  1. I am with you, friend–sometimes a social media break is the best way to regain perspective and figure out what really matters, and that is sharing your thoughts and pictures because they are worth sharing. I am new to blogging too, and I have already felt discouraged because of comparison, but like you said, we each bring a unique perspective that is important. Thanks for sharing!


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