A Wedding For Less

Planning a wedding can be very stressful and exspensive! One thing I learned when planning my wedding is that inexspensive doesn’t have to be “trashy”, you can have a classy wedding for less; and I am going to  tell you how! My wedding was very much so DIY, and I liked it that way. I have many tips and tricks that I could share with you all, but these are my top five!

The first thing you have to do when planning a wedding is send out invitations.  Invitations are very personal, and they show that you care…which is why people still enjoy paper invitations rather than the new online invitations that are slowly grasping people’s attention. I know I did not like seeing the cost of invites (I mean how could paper cost that much)?! So, I decided to take matters into my own hands and design my own! I went online and found a great website called Greetings Island and found that they had a bunch of free wedding invitation templates. I chose the one I wanted, designed it, and then printed it on card stock (super easy)! All I had to do was pay for the cardstock (which was $5 from Walmart).

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Now, that invitations are taking care of it is time to go dress shopping! Don’t get too discouraged when you think about the price, you can get a stunning dress for a great deal! Did you know that you can even rent a wedding dress? This is becoming very popular now for those brides who want to look gorgeous but don’t feel the need to keep the dress. Although renting is a great option I actually did not rent my dress. After having a hard time looking for a white white dress and not ivory, I found the dress! Through my journey of dress shopping I discovered some great ways to shop for less! The first is to look in the clearance section at your major department stores, they always have great sales! The second is to go to smaller boutiques that may not be as popular as name brand stores. These smaller boutiques have dresses unique to them, and a mix of dresses from department stores that may be slightly used. The third option (which is what I went with) was prom dress stores! Yes, I said it…my wedding dress was actually a prom dress (can you believe it)? This was the best deal I could have gotten on a wedding dress, a dress for less than $1000!

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What’s a wedding dress without wedding shoes? Look for your wedding shoes at places like Ross, TJ Maxx, and Marshalls and you will find a wide variety of name brand shoes for a low price! My shoes were Steve Madden, originally over $80 and I got them for about $25! This is a very simple tip for wedding shoe shopping.

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When it comes to food, I know it seems very important at the time, but in reality your guests are there to celebrate you! You don’t have to have a five course meal for $50 or more a head. For my reception everything was baked by my family except for the wedding cake, and the main course. For the main course I contacted the local bbq place and they agreed to cater my wedding for no more than $12 a head. I know what you’re thinking….bbq? Really? Yes! The bbq place not only served their food in gorgeous silver dishes, but they also had chicken breasts, dinner rolls, your choice of three sides, and 3 different drink options! If you worry about the presentation of your food, talk to the caterers before deciding to not go with the less exspensive item. Like I said before, less exspensive doesn’t always mean trashy.

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To go with your food, other than your typical beverages and punch, you may choose to have alcohol at your wedding. If you choose to have this at your wedding then the drink that I sware by is the Whole Foods Three Wishes wine selection. They have three different types, and get this…..they are only $3 each!!! Although I did not drink at my wedding all of my guests raved about how great it was, and how it tasted very classy (it can’t get better than that right)? If you don’t have a Whole Foods near you, you can also purchase the Two Buck Chuck Wine from Trader Joes which I have heard is also very good.

For the reception and ceremony the one decor item they both have in common is flowers. What’s a wedding without flowers? You can find flowers and order them online in bulk from Costco and Sam’s Club (I went with Costco). I ordered the white roses and baby’s breath and everything turned out to be beautiful (do schedule your flowers for arrival a day or two before the wedding and let sit in water to bloom more). The white roses came in a box with 150 stems I believe and it lasted four bridesmaid bouquets and 12 table center pieces, along with the baby’s breath.

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One thought on “A Wedding For Less

  1. I love these tips! No bride should feel like her dream wedding has to put her in debt, and these are great tips that prove one can have a beautiful wedding on a reasonable budget. I especially love your tip regarding getting flowers in bulk from places like Costco.


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