Best 20 Minute Workout Routine!

Working out is not always the first thing on my priority list, in fact sometimes it isn’t even on it at all! There are so many excuses as to why people don’t workout but the main one is that there is just “no time”….Well, I am going to fill you in on my go-to 20 minute workout routine that works wonders and that you will have time for!

1.) 25 jumping jacks (This will get you warmed up and get the blood flowing)

2.) 20 side lunges (10 per leg…these are great for the inner thighs)

3.) 10 jumping lunges ( jump into a front lunge while rotating legs…these work well for your thighs, and calfs, as well as butt)

4.) 10 burpees (these are probably the worst part of the workout, I definitely feel the burn)

5.) 30 squats (can you say bootylicious)?!

*tip: You can even do squats in the shower while shampooing if you really feel like you are cramped for time

6.) 30 second plank (great for abs…if you can hold this position for longer then feel free. Make sure your back is flat).

7.) 15 crunches (great for abs)

8.) 15 mountain climbers

9.) 30 second wall sit ( arms out squat against the wall…this will improve your abs, butt, and thighs)!

10.) 10 back pelvic thrusts (lay on your back and thrust your lower body up continuously, and slowly with your hands by your side the entire time)

My 20 minute workout routine is very basic, yet very rewarding. Your body will not change overnight, but if you put in the work I guarantee you will see improvement. I am not on a crazy diet, and you don’t have to be either….watch what you eat, substitute items out for healthier items such as whole wheat pasta or brown rice instead of white rice.

My favorite app to use is “My Fitness Pal” it is a free app that will track your calories for you as well as create a calorie plan for you based off of your weight loss goal. This app is also good for those who just want to get more in shape and “tone”.


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